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A fun game that is too short for it's own good 0

The Good: Addictive gameplay – Really fun – Multiple paths to choose from – Lots of unlockables – You can upload your scores and watch leaderboards via Nintendo Wi-Fi ConnectionThe Bad: Too Short _________Ghost Squad is one of those games you don't expect to be good. I mean let's face it: What's so good about a three year old port of an arcade game, specially considering how bad these wiimakes released last year have been. But Ghost Squad manages to do what most Wii ports don't  and that's being...

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Ghost Squad: A Review By KingreX32 0

Originally an arcade game, Ghost Squad was ported to the Nintendo Wii. It was released November 10 2007. Ghost Squad wii was developed by Sega-AM2 and published by Sega. Ghost Squad is a first person on rails shooter, that follows the elite special force team Ghost Squad on some of there missions. In total the game has three missions to select and play. While three missions don’t sound like much, there are also different pathways in each level to choose from and also three different difficulty ...

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Addictive at first 0

This game is a good port from its arcade predecessor. The game has the hilarious voice acting and a retro feel to it. One of the worst things about this game is the length. All of the missions can be beaten in about 30 minutes. The wii works great although i would rather have it where you shoot on the outside of the screen to reload. The nunchuck and zapper is really useless although if you already have a zapper I could see how it would add to the realism. The game has no online play, but there...

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"Goose Squad!" 0

  Beyond doubt it seems Sega are the best for the raw thrills and imaginative surprises on the grounds of arcade intended games. This generation alone, we've already seen the former giants release highly anticipated ports of Virtua Fighter 5 and Virtua Tennis 3 for PS3 and ofcourse on Wii there has been the much loved House of the Dead 2 & 3 Returns for Nintendo Wii. Ghost Squad, developed by AM2 and released into the arcades for the Sega Chihiro back in 2004, is the l...

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Ghost Squad Review - Andsy 0

It's been practically 2 years to the day since I picked up my Nintendo Wii, and I have to admit that the novelty wore out very quickly. At only 3 months old my Wii was condemned to the retro shelf, doomed to collect dust, hoping that one day games would come along that would peak my interest once again, to put the Wii back in the limelight next to my PS3 and 360. Sure enough interesting games came, and just like the tide, they went again. But one game in particular has hung around, continuing to...

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