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Despite the glaive being rather unwieldy and dangerous to use in any real situation, game characters can use it in amazing ways without ever hurting themselves, as one would expect from video games.
Notable users of the glaive include Hayden Tenno of Dark Sector. The glaive factors heavily into gameplay, and is a mainstay throughout the game's missions because it does not consume ammunition and can decapitate most normal enemies with one well-timed "power throw." Hayden can also temporarily imbue the glaive with fire, ice, and electricity, increasing its power and becoming capable of solving some puzzles.
War also receives a glaive-like weapon in Darksiders; this weapon is called the "crossblade" and often functions as a boomerang to solve puzzles. It does not do heavy damage, but War can charge up his throw, resulting in the glaive spinning inside the enemy's body for a significant amount of time, resulting in him being immobilized.

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