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The Real God of War

its simple as this GOW OF WAR ROCKS!!! this game will be played by anyone who enjoyed action adventure games. this game makes us want more. you will enjoy every bit and every minutes that you spend with it. even after you finish it you will comeback for more. the minigame that flashes whenever you fight a minotaur or even the medusa will make you what an innovative game sony makes. you can even try different combo to finish all your enemies. the story even stand on its own. it got hell of a twist. it makes you guessing all throughout the game. well take this from me try the god mode...


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    Action adventure games; they're a dime a dozen.  They've been a staple since the dawn of videogames.  God of War takes all the lessons learned from the great action adventure games and combines them to create one of the best games ever to grace a console.  The game does not offer much in terms of innovation, but it simply does everything to perfection.  As the title would lead you to believe, this game is based in Greek mythology.  Surprisingly few games have taken advantage of the depth of...

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