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Gokujou Parodius is a game based of the foundations of the Gradius franchise. In Gradius the enemies are mostly aliens or alien spaceships. In Gokujou Parodius the enemies are Maoi heads, bald eagles, bunnies, bunny-girls, giant strippers, and octopuses. The power-up system is also present in Gokujou Parodius but is character specific. Characters also have their own weapons like missles, lasers, shields, or options. Each stage opens with your character flying through space before you enter the stage.


You can select from the following characters:

  • Vic Viper - the classic Gradius ship.
  • Prince Upa - a flying baby that shoots rattles.
  • Dracula - a chibi Dracula.
  • Goemon - Goemon from the Legend of the Mystical Ninja games. He shoots coins.
  • Koitsu - a stickman on a paper airplane. He shoots bullets.
  • Michael - a flying pig with angel wings.
  • Mambo - a flying fish. He shoots bubbles.
  • Hikaru - a bunnygirl riding a missle.
  • Pentarou - a penguin.
  • Takosuke - an octopus.
  • Twinbee - a ship with two fists. It has also appeared in the Twinbee franchise.

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