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Gran Turismo Review (PSP)

There are two ways to look at this game, comparing it to past in the series, and comparing it to past on the platform.  While the latter produces a great review, you are comparing this games to things like ps2 remakes and countless downgrades from other systems.   Unfortunately, no matter which you decide, GT PSP isn't a complete game, and what it lacks, is half of what made GT the greatest racing game ever made. 
While we all know this isnt the greatest looking GT game, it is one of the better looking psp games.  The biggest issue is the massive amounts of aliasing, and the interiors of the car being completely black.  Certain issues arise because the nature of the game is to be a portable version of GT, but for the most part it is playable.  You might need to turn the brightness on max and sacrifice you battery for the purpose of seeing in tunnels, but for the most part the game is playable outdoors.   
As I mentioned, this is a portable version of GT.  This is probably why the only mode you want to make use of is single race, but this biggest issue with this is just how simplified everything is.  No more are the days of upgrading parts and going to any dealer to get a certain car.  Things are much more luck of the draw instead of get car a for race a because it meets this requirement.  The biggest fallback of this is the fact that of the 800+ cars in the game, there is no use for 750 of them.   No need to buy a dodge ram in order to play the truck series of races, or  to that light car in order to play the compact races.  This also means that you really have to pay attention to the color, horsepower, and torque of each car you purchase.  You will be unable to change any of them for the rest of the game, unable to sell them, and unable to even paint them.   
So, as you can see, this isnt a positive review.  I was looking forward to this game ever since the PSP flash demo on the PSP's website had a gt logo on the screen.  Unfortunately, neither the psp nor this game have panned out at all.  If you are someone who wants a good racing game, you probably want to avoid the psp, but if you are looking for something to play on the train ride to school, you could do worse on the psp.  It's good when you compare it to the psp's linup, but is that really saying much at all? 

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