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Generals attempts to create a realistic account of various battles and conflicts of the Civil War. You play as either the Union or Confederacy and take part in battles such as the assault of Vicksburg and the Battle of Shiloh.The game is presented in an Isometric/2D perspective, on a hexagonal grid.


 Gameplay is turn based with each side moving all their units a certain distance until they are done at which point combat turns to the opponent. When combat is engaged, a recording of a similar conflict by renactors, in Full motion video, is played.  Combat is based around firepower, morale and manpower. Soldiers that get beaten to badly will retreat, if they run out of ammo they will be forced to charge , and if they run out of men they won't be able to stand against larger enemy forces. Supply lines are key to the player's ability to keep the fight going, if they allow the enemy to capture the supply routes, the battle will quickly be lost.

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