Favorite Games of All-Time

These are my favorite video games of all time. They are not necessarily the best games ever made (I would argue some of them are great, particularly the ones at the top) but I had the most fun playing them and they have stuck with me through the years.  My first console was a PS1 I got when I was 6 or so (I played some older PC games) and I couldn't really tell a good game from a bad one until the PS2/Xbox era, so I apologize to the older folks out there who might gnash their teeth when they read my list. There are a lot of Star Trek and Star Wars games on my list. I love those franchises. Whoever owns the ST license these days can basically sucker me into buying any crap they put out. Pretty much the same with Lucasarts and SW. 
In the case of series I consider the series as deserving of one entry unless I feel I enjoyed the games in a series to different degrees or they had different merits worth considering on their own. 
This list is a work in progress.

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