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The Greil Mercenaries are a mercenary company that exists in the Tellius Fire Emblem universe of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The group operates within the nation of Crimea, and was founded by the warrior Greil. At the start of Path of Radiance, the company works predominantly small but nonetheless important jobs, such as fighting off bandits from local villages. However, when Princess Elincia stumbles into their midst and they learn that the neighboring nation of Daein has invaded, they take on the task of escorting the princess to safety in Gallia.

Following Greil's death, his son Ike inherits command of the company despite his youth and inexperience. However, under his leadership, the mercenaries thrive, and what starts as a small company morphs into a large army capable of driving Daein out of Crimea and stopping the plans of King Ashnard.

In Radiant Dawn, the mercenaries play an important role in quelling the rebellion brewing among Crimea's nobility in the game's second act. They then aid the laguz in their war with Begnion before once again merging with an army determined to thwart the judgment of the awakened goddess Ashera. Following the events of Radiant Dawn, the company eventually disbands, and its members all go their separate ways.

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