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@p00zombie: @universalize: @vanillathunder136: @vahughes: @funkasaurasrex: All invited. Welcome, welcome!

@hyperstalker: Hey, we'd love to have you on-board, but since you've got no real activity on the site, I need some sense that you're interested in the Giant Bomb community at-large. Try to post around, maybe edit some wiki pages, and just generally involve yourself. There's no strict requirements, so we'll be happy to throw an invite over once you've decided you want to stick around.

@theimmortalbum: Hey, if you're still trying to figure it out, here's a great resource that summarizes what each typically plays like and what they excel at.

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The name's FirePrince.2084. Last time I joined a GB MMO guild I had a lot of fun.

I'm a lvl 8 Charr Engineer, should I be just looking to finish my story or focus on something else?

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Hello there. Acc: Zetsaika.1608

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Hey, I'm Brokaiser.3950, and would love to join because I love all of this bombing goodness, and then also for all this time I never really joined a guild, which is crazy. Anyway, I'll check you cats later, hopefully over the game!

Also, listening to the podcast, and it sounds alright. Keep it up!

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I've had this game since launch and all my friends quit playing about 2 months after release. I've been playing it super casual since launch(MAYBE 5-8 hours a week, I did take a few months off, late last year). I'm level 49. I feel like there's so much I don't know about this game. I'm about to hit level 50. I totally enjoy just exploring the world and what not. It'd be cool to have people to talk to. I've not touched PvP, WvW, or crafting. I know I'm missing a lot.

I'm thinking about switching to Yak's Bend server and maybe becoming a part of the guild. Would my casual play style be welcome?

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@psychrage: You'd absolutely be welcome. We're not typically a high-activity guild, but you'll find people to help if you want to get into something new, whether it be dungeons, fractals, WvW, or jumping puzzles.

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@dark_lord_spam I'd like to get into that stuff. I really just enjoying logging in for a few hours here and there and just exploring. My main "issue"with being casual is, I try to play too many games at once, and spend time with my wife.

I'll probably make the switch to Yak's Bend tonight. We'll see.


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@psychrage said:

@dark_lord_spam I'd like to get into that stuff. I really just enjoying logging in for a few hours here and there and just exploring.

As far as I'm concerned, Guild Wars 2 is built around that drive. Each new vista or hidden cavern I stumble across demands about 30 screenshots. The fact that ArenaNet is willing to change/add to the map with living story updates just adds fuel to the fire. Speaking of which, have you done any LS since you've gotten back in the game? Your posts don't make it clear if you know about that stuff.

@psychrage said:

@dark_lord_spam My main "issue" [...] too many games [...] spend time with my wife.

I don't know, sounds like you're doing things just about right. :)

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I've transferred over to Yak's Bend. So if you wanted to send me an invite my contact name is psychrage.3284.

I've not messed with living world either! I've tried a couple of times, but it seems like its all super high level/group stuff. Or I'm just doing it way wrong.

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@psychrage: Invite sent. The current stuff is in mid to high level zones, but the new WvW can be played by anyone (and should, it is great!).

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I'd love to join my fellow turkeys! However, I'm all the way out here in Ehmry Bay turkey! Though I'd be happy to guest over to Yak's Turkey Bend. I'm still fairly new and learning all the ropes, but its a process. Turkey! GladiatorGames.8403 if you'll turkey my turkey.

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I used to play Guild Wars 2 when it first came out and I'm getting back into it. My username is Hotface.8906 and was hoping for an invite to the guild. I haven't posted on the forums at all, but I've been a member for a long time. Also, something about 3 turkeys?

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@hotface: @gladiator_games: Invites sent. Also, no worries about not being a forum guy. The gold medal tells me all I need to know about you being a true GB duder.

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is GW2 still going strong?

I've been really bored in WoW recently and have thought about going back to GW2 - never got to end game so wasn't able to actually experiance a ton...

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@bemusedchunk: I just played for an hour and a half and struggled to find any humans out in the wild. Didn't venture near any town hubs though. Was a bit different back from when I played at launch and you'd run into GiantBomb guild members everywhere. Man to have that launch experience again would be amazing.

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Hey, I'd love to join. I'm not in Yak's Bend atm but I'll try to get a transfer.

Name is Heaven In Black.5209

Thanks :)

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@sharpshotapollo: Sorry, but it is old news. I knew that NPC had it, which leads me to believe that, while the model obviously exists in-game, we won't see if available in PvE until the inevitable expansion that adds Tengu as a playable race. Maybe as a cultural weapon or something, who knows.

I don't know why I was reading this post, but all you've reminded me is how in the hell has this game not had any expansions yet?! Looking at the GW1 model I really liked the way they added new regions/campaigns/classes there. Although, what was the release schedule like for that?

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i don't really post on the forums but I am a premium member and I just got this game during the sale, so it'd be cool if you duders would add me.

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I'm not very active on here, but I've been premium for a few years now and love the site. Favourite moment might be the fortune street TNT, or Vinny's run through Dark Souls with the black knight 2000 theme moments. I played a ridiculous amount of GW, and recently jumped into Guild Wars 2. Would love to join the guild :)


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I was in Lincoln Force about a year ago (my post is probably still in the thread somewhere) but took a break for a while due to RL. I'm back and things are WAY too quiet, any chance of a re-invite?

I don't post on the forums, but I definitely listen to the Bombcast every week (husband is way active and downloads them) and my favorite recent-ish topic was the drawn-out debate on whether Street Fighter skills counted as D&D-style magery or sorcery. Given how fun the unplugged Pathfinder sessions were, I'd love to see the debate rehashed via Oriental Adventures on Unprofessional Fridays sometime.

GW2 handle is Shoryukitty.2384. Thanks!


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I've been a Giant Bomb regular for years now. I don't post on the forums that often, but I have added to the wiki when I have felt motivated. I loved the original Guild Wars and although I don't have tons of time to play GW2, I would like to at least start logging on regularly, although it may be for brief periods at a time. One of my favorite Giant Bomb moments of late was the Unprofessional Friday when Jeff was away and Vinny got weird with Day-Z.

My Guild Wars 2 info is AngryRedPlumber.4108

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Hey there! I posted here a while ago, but I fell off the game for a while. I recently got back into playing, in fact I got to level 80 the other day, and am really enjoying running fractals and dungeons. I would love to represent the guild and chat with all the duders involved.

I went to my first PAX this year at PAX East, and had a ton of fun hangin out with other duders and playin games. I am actually the dude with the beard and long hair who said "fuck you" when i asked my question at the panel XD


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I'd be interested in joining up. Been playing this game more recently over the past couple of weeks and been having a blast.

I Stay Puft.3195

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Slowly easing myself back into the game now that I'm in need of an MMO fix. I say easing my way in because all I got to play on is my busted up laptop so I have to be careful it doesn't burst into flames or something. Got a 44 Ranger and a handful of other sub-10 alts.

I love the Euro Truck Sim Quick Look, never expected that to be as entertaining as it is and for 2 hours even! Seen it multiple times now and because of it I get excited whenever Vinny plays a sim game. Also like pretty much any Quick Look involving motion controls, since that always seems ripe for all kinds of shenanigans. When I first saw the TV ad for Kinect Sports Rivals, my first thought was "I can't wait for the Quick Look of this". Also highly amused by all the shit talking on the Bombcast that got started with the whole flip flop/thongs thing, I'd probably listen to that emails devoted episode someone suggested (IIRC it was Jeff).

Anyway I'm CrocBox.5413 in game and would dig having some duders to talk to while I run in circles trying figure out how to reach a vista.

PS: turkey turkey turkey. And Brad is bad at games.

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@crocbox: @i_stay_puft: @meatsofevil: Sent, sent, and sent! If you see a bunch of us on but guild chat is quiet, odds are we are all talking on mumble, so feel free to stop in and say hi!

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Hey small businessman I just started playing again and made a thief on yaks bend, my username is Embraze.2387

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Just getting back into GW2 and would love to start playing with you all. New to the forums so I would say my favorite giant bomb moment is the Kinect Adventures quick look, "oh god, I'm an abomination; murder meeeee;" that and last years PAX East panel are the two that come to mind. Also that video on the EVE fan fest from a while back was always kind of neat. I'm not alone in thinking that, right?

Anyway, I've been around GW2 on and off since launch and enjoy pretty much anything in game and now that I'm back I'm just looking for some cool people to enjoy the game with and figured the giant bomb community would be the place to start.

Oh and before I forget, turkey, turkey, turkey.

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Could I get an invite as well? loki.2607


#183 Posted by Nocall (360 posts) -

Haven't really played since launch, and highest character is only 20-something, but looking to get back in.

Can you throw an invite to "Name.6513"? Peas and Danks.

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Also, totally got the urge to jump back into GW2 now that my goal is to not buy games and save cash. Haha.

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People still playing this? Can I get an invite; name is Rehdas.3056

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Haven't played for well over a year. My favorite is the TnT where Ryan is playing Burnout: Paradise and the song 'Girlfriend' is being played over and over and over and over. I could just see Vinny cracking himself up, even though he never appears in the video.

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I've owned the game for over a year, and I used to hate it, but now I think I'm into it? I was on the I Love Mondays user video reel once. It was during the P4 Endurance Run. I talked about why I loved October and then interrupted myself with a fake a phone call. The P4 battle theme played, and I said something like "You're free this afternoon? Cool, let's go get some steak. We should kick it at your place afterwards." I really miss that old Sony Ericsson phone.

Edit: I forgot that the community responses weren't on I Love Mondays. Why can't I find more than one Question of the Week when I search videos? Did they all get dumped?

My favorite moment will always be the end of Jeff's Gal Gun segment where he broke down and Vinny/Drew slowly faded him out with a soulful guitar rendition of "Amazing Grace."

Also, I made the Giant Bomb symbol chat in PSO2. You don't get much more dedicated than that. The damn thing took forever to get right.

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Guild still active? I finally picked up the game (On sale for $25). I'd like a cool group of people to play with. I'll roll whatever class/role that the guild may need, just let me know. :)

PlayerID: Epidemik.3021

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Here is a thing...

Guild Wars 2: 50% off this weekend ONLY, New content begins July 1st!#

  • The "Living World" is ArenaNet's platform for telling a continuous story and adding new content.
    • A new "Episode" is released every two weeks (free of charge, of course!) for several months straight, with short breaks in between each "Season."
    • Allows for radical changes to occur in the game world, such as destroying major cities or completely changing large parts of existing zones.
  • Includes the new Story Journal feature; all of the temporary Living World content from Season 2 onward will now be accessible permanently.
    • Read more about the Story Journal here.
    • Season One is not yet available.
    • Log in at least once during each "episode" to permanently unlock that content for free (missed episodes can be purchased for ~$2 later).
  • The trailer suggests there will be at least one new zone added.
  • Possibly more (ArenaNet likes to keep things under wraps rather than showing everything off in advance).

Weekend Sale

Sale ends 11:59pm Pacific on Sunday, June 29, 2014!

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Invites *should* be up to date. Mumble info changed so check the guild message of the day in-game! I will also probably (maybe) make a new guild thread this weekend so I can keep the info up to date myself.

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@dark_lord_spam: Just re-installed the game looking to try the new content, but it turns out I'm not part of the guild anymore. Do you guys clean out inactive people every now and then?

Anywho, I'd like to get into this stuff again, if possible.

Name: Hugh Jazz.2463

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Excited to see some new faces during the course of the new season! Hopefully, the chapter unlocks and supposedly-harder achievements will cleverly blackmail duders into logging in more frequently.

@hugh_jazz: Shin did a purge, recently; our first major one in quite a while. Your invite has been sent, welcome back!

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this one would like to join on if one may, but since this one just started we have no char above lvl 10 oh well lets do something about that then.....

Name: akeripper.8407

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I decided to come back. How do I get myself recruited again? Asher.5964.

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I just picked this up a few weeks ago. I haven't put much time into it yet since i bought it to play with a friend and it's hard for us to sync up times to play. It would be great to join to have more people to play with.

Name: Nyarlathotep.6704

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Hello! I was contemplating on buying the game for months and I finally did a few days ago because it was only 24.99. I am having fun so far and would like to join other people with my warrior.

Name: luniatlmad.3579

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Hi! I've recently returned to Guild Wars 2 after the start of Season 2 and I'm looking for a solid guild to bring my 80 Ranger and 80 Warrior into. Having a great time on my own, would definitely have a better time with more of the community I'm quite fond of. Whaddya say, duders? :)

I'd also be willing to transfer to Yak's Bend to participate in all the guild fun.

Name: Enigmatical.6057

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