Guilty Gear +R Fight Night: Rage Quit Monthly

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Sign ups are closed. Still interested in GG? Check out my Xrd Weekly Tournament thread here.

You can find stats from all past tournaments here.

Special Thanks to @infinitespark for crunching these GG weekly stats here.

Guilty Gear Tutorials

Game/system basics: Klaige's IAD-TV

Character specific primers: Guilty Bits

Air dash games in general: Air Dash Academy

+R Update is here!

The free update is finally here in North America! If you already own Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus it will now automatically download the +R update. All you have to do is go into options and change the version to +R to play it.

I'm putting together an ongoing weekly tournament for GGxxAC+R on the PS3.

This will be my first time running something like this so rules are subject to change for future weekly tournaments depending on feedback.

The entire tournament will take place over the period of one week so match times can be flexible. The tournament will be broken up into two parts

Double Elimination Tournament. Wednesday - Wednesday

  • Best 2 out of 3 rounds.
  • Winner will be best 2 out of 3 matches.
  • Grand Finals will be best 3 out of 5 matches, with the player coming from losers bracket having to win two 3 out of 5 sets. One to reset the bracket and another to win the tournament.
  • A player that loses a match is allowed to switch characters, however a player who wins must choose the same character as his/her previous match.
  • If a player drops during a round, it is up to the opponent to decide if he/she agrees to do a rematch or not.
  • Boss Characters (Kliff and Justice) have been balanced in +R and are allowed.
  • Any non standard version of characters are banned.

I will randomly seed the brackets for the tournament on Challonge. Please make a free account if you do not have one already and make sure to leave your username for Challonge in your post so I can add you to the tournament when the time comes. In order to keep things moving I am letting the players report on their match outcomes on Challonge. I don't see a problem with this now and hope one doesn't present itself in the future.


In an ideal world net play would always work at 100% with no drops or lag issues. Unfortunately this is not the case. I highly recommend you play a few casual sets against your opponent before playing a real match. Especially if you have never played them before as not all connections are made equal and not all play well together. In my experience with GG netplay I have played matches from buttery smooth to terrible. One thing I have noticed is that some people I had a bad connection with at first seemed to get better after a few matches. I recommend you play a few casual sets but this is not mandatory. I know people may be busy and not have time to play a first to ten set, however one rule is tournament legal.

The Ability to Request One Warm Up Match.

If you or your opponent agree to play out your tournament match right away that's fine. However if you want to play the match and your opponent requests a warm up match you must honour it. It must be 2 out of 3 rounds but this is the only rule that applies. Use whatever character you want or if you want to act as an online training dummy that's your prerogative.


Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus does not support lobby play or mics. This weekly is as much about growing as players and helping one another out as it is about competing. I have made a Guilty Gear group on Skype where people can meet up, set up matches and talk strategies. Mics are not required as you can still use text chat in the group. Add me on Skype my email is Let me know you are from this forum.


I would love to put up an edited video of these weekly tournaments but with GG not having any kind of built in replay feature it's not a feasible goal. However if you have the means to record your own matches (I'll even take ghetto handy cam footage;) and hook me up with it so I can put something together that would be awesome!

Video Archive


Raffle winner for week 12-13 was Spikes! Congratulations!

Week 9-11 winner ESREVER request

Previous Raffle Art Winners.

I understand that in today's Fighting Game Community players often feel they need compensation for playing video games. We here at the GB Rage Quit Weekly try to be as progressive with the times as possible.

Kuutochi is volunteering his artistic prowess to be raffled to anyone who enters the weekly! One lucky entrant will get picked every month for a Guilty Gear character drawing request! For every week you enter you will get a raffle entry. You will also get an entry if you place in the top 3. Yes they stack giving you better odds to win. All raffle standings will reset once the winner is picked for that monthly period. You must show up and participate in the weekly to be eligible for the raffle. The winner for the future monthly period will be picked on Monday, August 1.

What you're playing for!

1st place: One extra raffle entry & Pride.

2nd place: One extra raffle entry & The hunger to place first next week.

3rd place: One extra raffle entry & Nothing else.

4th place: The honorary title of the Mike Ross award.(This title must be relinquished to next week's 4th place winner and be returned in the same condition it was given.)

You're automatically entered into a prize raffle just for entering and playing in the weekly!

Other Raffle Prizes!

  • Fun.
  • Match experience.
  • The desire to improve.
  • Advice.
  • Hype.
  • Encouragement.
  • A sense of community.
  • Salt.

Important Notice! Please read before signing up.

If it comes to my attention that a player has not played to the best of their ability due to pot splitting or team conspiracy they will be stripped of all prizes, titles and be banned from any future tournaments. Their name will also be erased from history.

Week of July 14-22 entrants

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I am in fo sho.

PSN: Hunter509th

Challonge: Spikes799

(p.s: First! because I'm a dick MUAHAHAHAHAHAH)

(p.s.s: Chipp 4 life)

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I-no is gonna rock this joint. I'm in PSNiD: MaceX

(click me)

Challonge id: ESREVE12

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Count me in, dude!

#6 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1154 posts) -

PSN: xLLeg3ndX

#7 Posted by InfiniteSpark (337 posts) -

I'll do my best to make my matches. I apologize if I am unable to make it on some nights.

PSN: RuriKidA; Challonge: InfiniteSpark

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PSN: Ghost259; Challonge: ghost249

I'm terrible at GG though...

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I managed to record me and Mace's Losers Finals! Nothing like watching a video of yourself to see just how many bad habits you have, and how to improve them. GGs to Mace, it was an intense fight at the time! I really do wish GG had a built in replay feature though. They will probably add it in to the NA release of +R along with lobbies xD

#10 Posted by Ghost249 (259 posts) -

Sign me up, and I'll try to be there this time.

#11 Edited by MikeFightNight (1152 posts) -

Thanks to everyone who came out! This week seems to be shaping up to have less of a turn out so i'm not sure what to do. Maybe get those still intersted and play some GG casuals on a certain day. I can open up a chat room and stream my matches at least.

If you own Guilty Gear then I welcome you to come out. We have new players just starting to learn the game and while I am no expert I will try to help any of those willing to learn!

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I'm not sure how I've never seen this thread before. If it isn't too late to sign up, I'd totally be down for some fights.

PSN: m33td3th

Challonge: M33t

#13 Posted by Kuutochi (24 posts) -

I finally get to use my 6P again !! Sign me up !

Mike remember to add my prize

#14 Posted by ESREVER (2821 posts) -

Do you even need to ask, sign me up for that shiz.

#15 Posted by InfiniteSpark (337 posts) -

I'll sign up, but I apologize in advance if I miss my matches during the week. See how it goes.

#16 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1154 posts) -

What the fuck is this dumb anime bullshit?

*Sign me up*

#17 Posted by gokaired (581 posts) -

Wish I could play, I kill with Order-Sol.

#18 Posted by Ghost249 (259 posts) -

sign me up

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Since the weekly is just getting established again I'm forgoing the Ranking Battle portion for this week. Challonge will randomly seed the brackets and I will post them tomorrow. If you still want in on this week you have until March 27th, 7:00AM EST to post.

Thanks to everyone who has already posted.

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#21 Posted by ESREVER (2821 posts) -


#22 Posted by Kuutochi (24 posts) -

I know you guys enjoy my dolphins ! sign me up again.

#23 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1154 posts) -

$1G|\| |\/|3 Up!

#24 Posted by MikeFightNight (1152 posts) -

Sign ups are closed for this week. Have fun and good luck!

#25 Posted by Spikes799 (16 posts) -

Next week sign me up. Pocket Eddie I CHOOSE YOU!

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#27 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1154 posts) -

$1G|\| |\/|3 (_) |D!

#28 Edited by InfiniteSpark (337 posts) -

Working on a Sunday in a dark and empty office... :(

I'll sign up though I'll be relatively busy this week. I'll do my best to be available on weeknights if I'm able. Best times for me this coming week are late Friday night (after 9PM) and Sunday afternoon. Maybe open on Saturday depending on stuff. I'll allow folks to DQ me at any point in order to keep the weekly going without delay.

#29 Posted by MikeFightNight (1152 posts) -

Thanks to everyone who came out this week! It was a lot of fun to play and stream the raffle. I look forward to more shenanigans in the future.

#30 Edited by Kuutochi (24 posts) -

6P! Sign me up

#31 Edited by MikeFightNight (1152 posts) -

Thanks to everyone who participated this week. I'm happy to see that even if people can't make it every week they still sign up when they can. Hopefully this weekly can take us all the way to GGXrd's release. One week at a time.

#32 Posted by Kuutochi (24 posts) -

You know the drill!

#33 Posted by Bloo561 (117 posts) -

Im in to get bodied

#34 Posted by InfiniteSpark (337 posts) -

Seems like each week I'm wondering if I can find the time to do this weekly each week.

It looks like I'll be able to go this week. Best times (I hope): late Thursday evening, late Friday evening, Sunday afternoon. Saturday is a maybe as always. Obviously, I'll allow folks to DQ me to get the weekly done.

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Sign me up but I don't know what my availability is looking like. Nefarious_Al on PSN and I play I-No.

#36 Posted by ESREVER (2821 posts) -

Obligatory sign me up comment

#37 Posted by Shirogane (3594 posts) -

Maybe i should sign up, but Mace plays I-No, and that means i might have to play against I-No, and i hate I-No, so...I don't know.

#38 Posted by Spikes799 (16 posts) -

Sign me up again

#39 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1154 posts) -

S.I.G.N. M.E. U.P.

#40 Posted by ESREVER (2821 posts) -
#41 Edited by ESREVER (2821 posts) -

Back in it

#42 Posted by MikeFightNight (1152 posts) -
#43 Posted by InfiniteSpark (337 posts) -

No problem Mike, I didn't think you'd actually post it on the OP.

If you need any confirmation, I think I'll be able to go this week. Best: late Friday; Sunday. As usual, opponents can DQ me at any time.

#44 Posted by Kuutochi (24 posts) -

Ban dolphins !! sign me up to show you how broken they are

#45 Edited by Spikes799 (16 posts) -

I'm in for the next weekly gonna be the best

#46 Edited by InfiniteSpark (337 posts) -

An FYI that I will be not be participating for this week and the next two weeks. A mixture of an upcoming hectic work schedule, a work project that I plan bring home to work on, and wanting to take a breather from playing FGs for a bit. I'll continue to update the standings spreadsheet once the final results of the upcoming weekly tournaments are complete and available. I'll definitely be back into the foray on the week of May 19th.

#47 Edited by MikeFightNight (1152 posts) -

Sign ups for this week are open!

@infinitespark No worries Spark, I look forward to seeing you back in a few weeks. Thanks again for making and updating the spreadsheet. Even though we don't have a huge participant list I find something interesting and cool about looking at those stats.

#48 Posted by Kuutochi (24 posts) -

Sign me up!

#49 Posted by ESREVER (2821 posts) -

Sign me up

#50 Posted by Bloo561 (117 posts) -

Im in

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