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Serioiusly. C'mon already.

I dropped by a friend's to play Guitar Hero 5 the other day. 
It's been a long time since I touched the plastic fender stratocaster but I was looking forward to playing some Stones on a saturday. 
Picking up my 'Axe' we scrolled through our choices. 
The killers. 
Bob Dylan. 
WTF. C'mon. Are we reaching the bottom of the barrel for artists with sweet guitar tunes. 
Coldplay? Practice? We talking about Practice? (AI reference). 
The execution is great.  
The presentation, graphics are all just streamlined and beautiful. 
But when is this going to change.  
Cant we just add another button to the guitar. I think a 10 button controller might make it way more fun. 
We played coldplay. I got tired of coldplay. 
We went to get waffles at ihops. 
It was a good day.

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Posted by AvD

It doesn't appear that you played this game enough to justify a review...

Posted by dexterslu

This is a very helpful review, although I think it's more or less about the end result - IHOP then Guitar Hero 5.

Posted by The_Philosopher

Bob Dylan kicks ass.
Posted by Octopus_Prime

dude i'm cool with you talking smack about the killers and coldplay, but keep you mouth shut about bob dylan the man is one of the all time greats.  Nobody who knows anything about music would ever disrespect bob dylan.  If you don't like his tunes, fine, but don't say bob dylan songs are bottom of the barrel
Posted by VibratingDonkey

Why oh why didn't they get the Jimi Hendrix cover? The guitar solo is totally sweet.

Posted by Commando

So it looks like you liked everything about the game except Coldplay?
But since Coldplay was in it, you only gave it 2 stars?
One artist out of 80+ artists made you subtract 3 stars?

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