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The Cash Cow Milkith

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is a mixed bag for both Guitar Hero fans and Aerosmith fans alike.  First off the Guitar Hero franchise in my opinion is in the dumpster as it stands now.  It seems like it has just lost so much class since the departure of Harmonix.  They really were the "special sauce" that held the franchise together.  When you compare this game and the last to Rock Band you can feel which is superior.  Musically Harmonix just "get it".

Now on the Aerosmith front I have to admit I do like a lot of Aerosmith tracks but would not consider myself a fan.  Either way, isn't the point of a game like this to have mass market appeal?  While there are several Aerosmith classics included in the game, where are the songs that have the mass market appeal?  Where is Cryin?  Where is Janie's Got a Gun?? Where is "that Armegedon song"???  Seriously don't you think you as a marketer would want the game to appeal to as many gamers as possible hardcore fans or not?

So to sum it up I can only recommend this title to the most hardcore Guitar Hero AND Aerosmith fans out there and I do mean FANatic.  It's only really worth a rental if you are into Achievements.  The title itself does nothing new with the Guitar Hero forumla and includes multiple cover songs which is starting to get more and more unforgivable.

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