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Same Old Song and Dance (A Huge Aerosmith Fan's Take)

The Guitar Hero franchise is perfect for Aerosmith. Throughout their respective existences, they have both been label as innovative at one time or another.  Both have also been labeled as “sell-outs”.  As a fan of either, you must except these fact and move on… just enjoy the ride! 

So, consider this:  GH:A is not a step forward for the franchise, nor is it particularly innovative.  However, it will satisfy your urge for more plastic guitar mashing and KISS style hip-shaking.   Overall, the track listing is missing many Aerosmith favorites but does introduce the casual listener to many older, more obscure tracks that only hardcore fans have had the privilege of hearing.  Tunes like, “Nobody’s Fault,” “Kings & Queens,” and “Uncle Salty,” highlight the band’s early career and showcase their less produced, harder style to those who only know them for, “I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing,” or the included (and terrible), “Beyond Beautiful.”
The Career Mode seems rather pointless, especially since, as the opening act, you only play 2 out of 5 songs, which doesn’t lead to any type of eventual headlining status.  On the other hand, Career mode does progress to bigger, more elaborate venues and tougher songs.

From the perspective of someone who loves Aerosmith, I admit that I love the game, though I will .  I look at it as a sort of interactive “best of,” that really lets you into the music, especially the talent and skill level of this band.  If you are someone who enjoys classic rock and are not familiar with Aerosmith, then you owe it to yourself to check out a band with a huge back catalog and forget about the drawbacks of the game.  If you are already jaded, then there is no convincing you. 

Take this game for what it’s worth, an extension of a great game and a fanboy’s wet dream.  Enjoy!


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