blueprint12's Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Bundle) (Xbox 360) review

Guitar Hero III Review

This is the third installment of the Guitar Hero gaming series...It's a pretty good game, though just a bit behind II in the music range but there's enough to make up for it.

If you ever played any of the other Guitar Hero games...then this is not too much of a difference other than online play but the soundtrack is still pretty good especially with exclusives like the Halo theme song that will give you both a laugh and also great feel for an addition.

It isn't as great as Guitar Hero II's soundtrack (despite III having more master recordings) but it still has some good songs.  This is also probably the hardest Guitar Hero game since you have songs like Number of the Beast, Raining Blood, and Through The Fire and Flames.

Online play is DEFINITELY a great addition to Guitar Hero III...makes it easier to get your competitiveness on the can either face off, pro face off, battle, or co-op online...definitely something you would want to do if you are getting this game.

So to conclude this review, this is a very enjoyable game to play, whether alone or playing with a buddy.


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