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Honestly one of the most average games I've played.

November 9, 2005, Activision released GUN. A game that puts you in the shoes of Colton White, a cowboy on a quest for revenge. Yet, oddly enough, here is GUN: Showdown, an update released nearly a year after the original with, even more odd, hardly any updates. Now, I didn't play the original, but from some study I realized, the game is almost identical to the original. The gameplay is still average, the story is undercooked but has some potential, the graphics are good but the game is mostly empty when you're playing a mission, and the like.

As I previously stated, GUN: Showdown puts you in the shoes of a cowboy named Colton White. This guy wants revenge against the people that killed his father, and he apparently wants it very quickly. The game's story mode wraps itself up in a measley 6 hours. This is sad because, with a little more patience and character developement, GUN: Showdown's story could have been amazing. 

The gameplay in GUN: Showdown (exactly like the original) is a simple shoot-'em-up-until-you-get-your-special-bar-up affair. GUN gives you the ability to activate a sort of bullet-time effect that will slow down everything around you. When you're not completing missions in GUN, you are finding them. The game allows you to free-roam if you so please, but the enviornments are very empty, so this is not reccomended, you will get bored quickly. One new gameplay update GUN has is you can now summon a horse instead of stealing one during a mission, which makes it easier to roam around quickly during missions, how ever, now you cannot hijack horses.

GUN: Showdown also has excellent voicework, you will often feel as if you are watching a movie, you will be begging for more once you beat the game, it's that good. However, the sound effects are decidedly more un-impressive, the GUNs (see what I did there?) are sound okay, but a few weapons sound odd. For example, GUN: Showdown's pistol sounds like a peashooter. Everything else sounds dull and average.

GUN: Showdown's graphics are very nice. The sparse enviornments are fun to look at, and the forest in the beggining of the game is gorgeous, and the frame-rate is able to keep up. However, the enemies' character models are lacking in detail and animation, the enemies only have about 10 different animations, and they all look stiff.

If you're able to find GUN: Showdown for $10 or less, then by all means, go for it. Just don't expect to get much play time out of it. But please, don't buy the game for GameStop's rediculous price of $19.99 (used). I was fooled into buying it for that price (plus, GameSpot's review only shortly mentions the game's brevity), and I don't want the same thing to happen to you.

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