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Doctor Harlan Fontaine is a major character in L.A. Noire. He is the mentor for Courtney Sheldon and a manager of the Suburban Redevelopment Fund. He is first introduced in the first of many newspaper clip sequences and is first seen by Cole Phelps in an interrogation room with Courtney Sheldon.  

 Courtney Sheldon
Fontaine takes Courtney Sheldon under his wing when Sheldon expresses interest in Fontaine's psychological work on veterans. After a friendship is formed, Sheldon tells Fontaine about the morphine that he and his troop stole from the S.S. Coolridge. He also tells him about his dealings with Mickey Cohen. Fontaine offers to buy the rest of the morphine and use the money he gets from it to invest in a new housing development for G.I's struggling to find their place in their homeland. This development is known as the Suburban Redevelopment Fund and turns out to be a conspiracy in which Fontaine and many other powerful people get wealthy.  
As Jack Kelso and Cole Phelps uncover the conspiracy behind the Suburban Redevelopment Fund, Fontaine is forced to kill Courtney Sheldon and attempt to kill Elsa Lichtman in order to try to keep the secrets safe. Fontaine is then killed by his own patient Ira Hogeboom
Fontaine had been using Hogeboom to burn down the houses of families that would not comply with the Suburban Redelopment Fund. 

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