dm909's Heavy Rain (PlayStation 3) review

Best PlayStation game since UnCharted

7 things About the game.
1. Great, movie like story.
2. Great acting.
3. Great Graphics.
4. Easy Game play controllers ( I play with one hand due to a physical Disability.)
5. Short. 
6. Better Rent instead of buy.
7. At least it will have DLC. 


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    Fresh new baby 0

    I'm the kind of guy who tends to put gameplay first. I like good stories and characters in my games, but if it doesn't play well you can just forget it. That's why I was a little wary of Heavy Rain's extreme focus on narrative, as well as the fact that its gameplay is composed entirely of quick time events. But, some technical oddities aside, Heavy Rain does what it sets out to do. The gameplay serves as a direct conduit for its narrative, allowing Heavy Rain to deliver an experience that pushes...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

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