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Not The Usual Super-Hero Outfit

Hazard Suit in use
The Hazardous Environment Suit was created by Black Mesa scientist Gina Cross, for use in dangerous environments, and for trips to the borderworld Xen. It protects from indirect radiation and provides some protection from explosions and bullets. However it cannot protect from electricity or standing in radioactive waste.

A long jump module is available that allows for a stronger horizontal leap. It contains a flashlight, which is able to light up a small area. The player is not able to have it turned on all the time though, since its battery capacity is quite limited. Once turned off, however, the battery will slowly recharge.

The Mark V suit made by Dr. Kleiner contains nearly the same features as the Mark IV; Unfortunately there is no long jump module avalable for the Mark V. The Mark V suit also contains an Auxilary meter, which combines the flashlight's battery, oxygen reserve and sprinting power into one meter.

Mark IV HEV Suit, as seen in Half-Life

Mark IV features

  • Flashlight
  • Geiger-counter
  • Long Jump Module attachment
The Mark V HEV suit, as seen in Half-Life 2

Mark V features

  • Flashlight
  • Geiger-counter
  • Morphine and anti-toxin health module
  • Ability to sprint
  • Oxygen reserve

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