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Many games use the "super suit" or power suit to give normal characters these abilities this makes the player feel that this could actually be them in the suit making for better game play and story. Also many of these suits have upgradeable features that help overcome different challenges in the game which adds to the suit rather than just throw it out for something else.



Metroid Prime
  • Chozo Suit: A powered armor suit created by the choz which is fully upgradeable

Earthworm Jim:

Earthworm Jim
  • Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit: A powered suit in which jim took refuge when running from crows that became atomically fused to him, which caused him to grow and evolve into Earthworm Jim.


  • Power suit: The five basic functions Maximum Armor, Speed, Strength, Cloaking and weapons upgrades.

Iron Man

  • Powered Armor: This armor gives Iron Man superhuman strength and durability, flight, and an array of weapons.


  • Elemantal: A suit warn by infantry equipped with Power Claw (Melee against Vehicles), 1 Small Laser, 1 SRM 2 Launcher (2 salvos), And Jump pack

Half Life

Half-Life 2
  • The Hazardous Environment Suit: This hazmat suit can help protect even a theoretical physicist from radiation, high-energy discharges, and physical impacts to the body, all while making him look a little taller.

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