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Correct weapons and equipment loadout is crucial

Hidden & Dangerous is a game developed by Illusion Softworks (currently 2K Czech) in 1999. It is a tactical shooter set in World War II. Player can control up to 4 soldiers, switching at any time. These soldiers can be picked from a roster before every mission, each with different statistics (shooting, reaction, stealth, strength and endurance). Player also chooses weapons and equipment for his squad, making decisions how to make the best use of different tactics (for example equipping a soldier with high stealth skill with knife). While controlling one of the soldiers in game, its possible to give orders to the rest of them via the tactical map view.

First person mode is down the sights only

A third person view is game's default camera position, but it's possible to switch to first person mode, which is used mostly for shooting.

Game takes place during World War II, more specifically in various locations over Europe. The game consists of linear set of levels, where tactical approach is more useful than quick finger on the trigger. Hidden & Dangerous was considered a hard game even in the time of it's release.

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