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Most of the games single player mission do not tie together,although a few do focus on a plot by a Russian  organized crime boss Maxim Kutkin and international arms dealer Samed Vezirzade.They both manufacture and distribute nuclear weapons on the international black market, aided by Kutkin's acquired ownership of a nuclear power plant following the collapse of the Soviet Union.The game's name "Rogue Spear" refers to refers to the possession of nuclear weapons by a non-state entity.


Rogue Spear's multiplayer was playable on 3 different networks,GameSpy Arcade, MSN Gaming Zone, and intergrated into GameSpy Arcade)The multiplayer game achieved a certain degree of success boasting several thousand players playing at once. After the acquisition of by GameSpy Arcade, MSN Games became the more popular of the two until Microsoft shut down the MSN Gaming Zone's CD-ROM match-making service on June 19, 2006.

Rogue Spear also fetured a ranking system called ladder play. Several websites throughout the game's lifespan provided this service with the four most notable being Clanladder (CL), Xtreme Gaming Network (XGN), Starlance (SL) and International Gaming Syndicate (IGN). While all of these websites provided a ranking system, they also provided anti-cheat applications developed by the staff and community. More notably, SL and IGN both employed anti-cheat squads that would pose as gamers and monitor the playing styles of suspected cheaters.  Their findings would often result in the banning and deletion of offenders from the ladder system.

Game Modes

The game only featured two online game modes, standard team deathmatch and a one on one mode.


Urban Operations

Rogue Spear's first expansion was released on April 4, 2000. It added eight new maps and five maps from the original Rainbow Six game,as well as 3 new weapons.

Covert Ops Essentials

Covert Ops Essential was released on September 28, 2000, as an educational program on real life counter-terrorism history and included nine new missions.

Black Thorn

Rogue Spears last expansion was released on December 15, 2001. Black Thorn featured nine new single-player maps.

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