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History Line: 1914-1918 is set in the First World War or Great War. Players can choose to play as Germany or France. The history of the war is told by short cutscenes and pseudo newspaper articles between missions, which span about 2 months. 
Actual gameplay is carried out in a turn based split screen mode, where players both players alternate between move and attack actions. The game starts out with a few basic units available to both sides, like cavalry or light artillery. As the war progresses and the powers use more sophisticated technologies, like planes, tanks or railway guns, these come available in the game in the form of new units unique to both sides. Combat is portrait in short animated scenes,  showing the two involved units in the actual surrounding terrain, while the later is also influencing the odds.  
One wins by annihilating all enemy units or capturing his headquarters. Along the way you can capture depots, which may contain units but also increase your per-turn income, which also can be invested in more and better units. 
The game allowed for 1 vs. 1 mulitplayer, e.g. by direct link parallel cable on PC.

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