Favorite Song in Hotline Miami?

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#51 Posted by BBAlpert (1799 posts) -

Not to dismiss tracks like Hydrogen, Miami Disco, and (at least the beginning of) Silver Light, but I think Knock Knock and Musikk Per Automatikk deserve a bit more love than they generally get.

#52 Posted by Vod_Crack (800 posts) -

@Animasta said:

@Vod_Crack said:

@CptBedlam said:

You all have terrible taste! Best song is obviously "Miami"

I think it pales in comparison to Nightcall, which it is clearly taking inspiration from.

yeah but nightcall is so good that even a not as good nightcall inspired song is still dope as fuck

I can't deny that.

#53 Edited by chilipeppersman (1239 posts) -

I have always liked Paris a lot. This soundtrack is so damn good overall though.

#54 Edited by avantegardener (1220 posts) -

Hydrogen is certainly the Marquee track, I think the more you listen to album, the more you enjoy. 'Turf main' is also a banger.

#55 Posted by Bulby33 (645 posts) -

Hydrogen for me. I really like Miami, too.

#56 Edited by AMyggen (4445 posts) -
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Bit of an old thread, but hey.

Crystals is the kicker for me, closely followed by hydrogen.

#58 Posted by Gatehouse (820 posts) -

I love all the Scattle tracks, along with Miami Disco and Miami (these really are very similar names). I still listen to this soundtrack whenever I'm driving at night.

#59 Posted by Sick_Sick_Sick (104 posts) -

i love knock knock but i think its mainly because of the level its played on felt like i had actually accomplished something when i finally beat that!

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