Put your television on its side

#1 Posted by Arjuna (918 posts) -

I remember when I first played this game for the Gamecube, and later for Xbox Live, you had the option of turning the image sideways.  Then, you could place your television on its side(carefully), and play it like that.  Since all televisions are wider than they are vertical, and since the game is a vertical shooter, it made the game crazy cool.  It also gets rid of those cramped side-bars.

#2 Posted by Shawn (3843 posts) -

My TV won't be able to be on it's side :(

#3 Posted by Soap (3750 posts) -

Wouldn't be able to do that with a TV like mine... a flat screen doesn't work so well without it's stand attached.

Maybe I could super glue it to the side of my wadrobe or something, although thats a little short sited lol.

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