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A cute little puzzler

 (I will be focusing on the story mode and will not mention IloMilo Shuffle in this particular review)


IloMilo is an outstanding change from the usual shoot ‘em up games that have become largely popular within the previous years. A relaxing puzzle game with a cute story line gives players a chance to sit back, relax and think carefully about how they can reunite these two friends.


The first aspect of the game that I noticed was the overall look. The patchwork style and bright colors are pleasing to the eyes with each stage having a different style and color scheme to keep the players attention. My favorite levels are the third part of the bonus levels. In these parts Ilo and Milo are pixilated, reminding me of old Nintendo games.


The gameplay is fun and for the most part relatively easy. There were a few levels that took me a while to figure out and forced me to put down my controller and come back to it later. If you don’t like puzzle games I would highly recommend avoiding this game or you’ll end up watching Youtube walkthroughs for about as many hours as it takes to play the game.


A flaw of the game is how sensitive or finicky the controls can be at times, sometimes moving the character more spaces than you want or no spaces at all. At the moment I’m finding it difficult to explain this in a better way and honestly believe it’s a situation that you have to experience first hand to understand. For me this is a flaw that can, for the most part, be overlooked (provided you’re not trying to achieve the lowest number of steps on each level)


Overall this game deserves 4.5 stars. It has great graphics, a cute storyline and a mix of simple and challenging puzzles. I don’t feel this game has much replay value unless you didn’t collect the collectables the first time around, and the controls were too finicky to ignore completely. In the end I would recommend this game to anybody who is looking for a puzzle game to occupy an evening with.


Also, don’t forget to keep your eyes open for special characters from other games that are in the background.

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