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Known only as Ms. Ellet for most of the game, this 25-year-old civilian journalist for Gallia's GBS radio attaches herself to Squad 7 of the militia early on in Valkyria Chronicles. Seeing a rising star in Lieutenant Welkin Gunther, she reports on most of their heroic victories that otherwise go unnoticed or get claimed by the army led by General Damon. She's a unyielding woman who will do anything for a scoop, from being on the frontlines of battle to sneaking into the royal palace of Randgriz. She and Hans are the first two characters to learn Princess Cordelia's secret heritage, but she decides to keep this colossal story a secret for the sake of her journalistic integrity and pride. By the end of the game it is revealed that she is engaged and will soon become Irene Koller, the writer and narrator of "On the Gallian Front," the book that serves as the interface for missions in the game.

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