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If your desperate to fly around this is a game for you 0

When buying this game, I didn't have the highest expectations for it, but unfortunately, this game didn't meet them. This is not the Iron Man experience that I had expected.Story--The story in this game does relate somewhat with the film, though there wasn't much of a story to work off of. Tony Stark, millionaire weapons designer, gets captured by terrorists somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan. These terrorists want Stark to build them a missile, but instead he builds a model of the Iron M...

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Iron Pants 0

I' l keep this brief. Short , simple , precise. Thumbs-up: 1. A variety of moves. Punches, Rockets etc etc. ( Makes it a bit more than a total failure ) 2. U R unstoppable. It makes u feel like a demigod. 3. Flying is quite something. Which sometimes gives u another sorry excuse for " ok , i'l give it another five minutes " thing. Thumbs-down: 1. Graphics are disgusting. It all seems brown, shallow, lacking in detail and jagged. Yuck! ( Especially after games like GoW and Crisis Core ) 2. Comb...

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Iron Man: The Game Review 0

Finally had a chance to play Iron Man The Game for Xbox 360 (long wait at GameFly). It's not as good as I wanted it to be or could of been but it's not an absolute terrible game. I did find it better than other games that have been made from a movie though. If saying that is worth anything. Achievements are very easy in this game. You can easily get around an 850 GS increase in 4-6 hours.The story does not really follow much of the movie. Which is a good thing because it would then be a quite bo...

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An interesting premise meets a flawed presentation. 0

Iron Man, another game you could have predicted what it would turn out like. Yes, it's based off a movie and yes it is mediocre. To begin with the story, I skipped all the cutscenes. Not only were the characters and voice acting bland, but it put me to sleep. That being said, the gameplay is a little bit better. But before I venture off into the gameplay let me go over the graphics. Iron Man himself looks pretty slick, with his shiny armor and, for the most part, decent animation he is the high...

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It's the game based on the movie based on the comic book 0

Iron Man : The video game rushjob adaptation of the summer blockbuster motion picture. Story : Like most movie-to-game adaptations, the plot here is an incoherent mishmash of cutscenes that assumes that the player has seen the movie, leaving the rest of the world to be confused and force them into paying money to see it to make sense out of how this series of events is happening. And really, the only movie-based games that can get away with this are Lego-based.Playing Iron Man on the Xbox 360, o...

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Iron Man is just the same old movie rubbish. 0

There is, at first glance, a lot to like about the Iron Man video game in an ironic way. For example, Iron Mans voice actor sounds less like Robert Downey Jr. and more like someone doing an impression of Sean Connery with surgical gauze lodged in their throat. However after a few hours of enduring the games numerous other flaws the terrible voice acting becomes just another bad thing about this frustrating and boring game. At this point the game stops being “funny bad” or “so bad it’s kind of go...

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