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"A peace settled over the land, as monsters and demons no longer troubled people and tensions between countries gave way to friendly relations. The gods, which the people alternately feared and worshiped were slowly fading from the people's minds. As with the gods, so too did the nation's ninjas find themselves without a role in society. In a bucolic existence where the gods still figured heavily into day-to-day life, four of those displaced ninjas sought a new home...."


Izuna and her traveling companions ( Gen-An [Grand boss], Shino, and Mitsumoto) arrive at a village in hope of finding an inn to spend the night and hopefully, a new home.

As the group splits up in the town to find a place to sleep, Izuna's exploring leads her to a shrine that has a shinning gem just out in the open. Being keen on shiny things, Izuna does what any other ninja would do. When no one is looking, she takes it. This act angers the gods that the villagers worships and in return they curse the whole village, including her traveling companions. Now Izuna must set out to find a cure for the curse, and to go head to head with the gods themselves.

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