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James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Review 1

 James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Review Xbox 360, PS3 Say what you want about game tie-ins to movie franchises, and so long as it’s negative you’d likely be right.  If Avatar: The Movie is supposed to revolutionize the way we see films then coming out with this game two weeks before release doesn’t keep with the standard of change. It’s hard not to award points for certain aspects of the game, mind you, but too much holds this back from escaping the very average. You play as Abel Ryder, an RDA ...

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Dances with Smurfs 0

 James Cameron’s Avatar has been a long time coming. The acclaimed director’s first film since the award winning Titanic has been shrouded in mystery for years with the inevitable video game tie-in following suit. This year’s E3 saw Cameron spend a good few hours talking about the project during the Ubisoft press conference without even a shred of footage; instead relying on his own words to sell the product. With the big man backing it and so much secrecy there was a degree of hope towards the ...

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Tedious as it is, shouldn't it be called the Never Ending Story? 1

 James Cameron's ode to hippiness is apparently going to be a critical darling. But, Cameron's track record in gaming is sketchy. Dark Angel, let's be honest, was dogshit. In fact, I hesitate to refer to that due to a concern of offending dogs and their fecal matter. Anywhoo, after the genius concept of a Titanic FPS never saw the light of day --- admit it, it'd be fucking awesome! --- we get Avatar. In Avatar, you play the lead from the movie, who is a parapalegic who can have his identi...

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Dont bother no matter how much you liked the movie... 0

So I loved this movie, thought it was awesome.  I heard that the game developers had plenty of time to make this game, so I thought I would give it a try.  I played for about 2 hours then drove back to blockbuster to exchange it for a game worth spending a rental fee on.   If a game is developed from a movie it will suck, and I know this but thought this might be the exception.  There are no exceptions though. Terminator, Ironman, Transfromers, the list goes on.  Good movies don't make good vide...

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"James Cameron's, Avatar The... WHAT?!?" 0

 It’s no secret to seasoned gamers that titles based on movie licenses, with few exceptions, are destined to suck. Budgets siphoned by big-name voice talent, tight development schedules and stories meant for another medium are just a few hurdles placed in front of these seeming attempts to simply cash-in on a film’s popularity.       It is especially interesting as to why they released the video game prior to the movie's arrival. It's as if they intended to promote all all players to never watch...

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