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The game is played by on-screen joystick.

The gameplay is platforming mixed with RPG elements. There are several quests in the game.

Player can also use 3 weapons:

  • Avatar Assault Rifle
  • Na'vi Staff
  • Na'vi Bow


You control Ryan Lorenz, the first Avatar just arrived from Earth. Ryan is given mission by John Cage to scout the land for any Unobtanium deposits. Ryan Lorenz got lost during his first mission. He thought he was moving towards Hell's Gate but instead was on his way to Ni'awve clan territory. He decided to rest under a big tree for a night, where he received a vision from Eywa of Pandora's future if the humans are allowed to continue their work. Ryan Lorenz was found by the Ni'awve and brought to heir hometree at Valley of Origins. There he assisted the Na'vi with their problems and was accepted as one of the people. When the humans started to move to the Ni'awve lands, Ryan Lorenz helped them to drive them back. Once Sylwanin was kidnapped by the humans, Ryan Lorenz infiltrated the base and rescued her. Back at the Ni'awve lands he helped them plan an attack on the Hell's Gate, but his last action of rescue was the final drop in insubordination and was shot on his link unit. Ryan Lorenz was remembered as a hero by all the Na'vi.

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