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Neytiri is the storyteller in the iPod/iPhone James Cameron's Avatar game. In that game we learn that it was her sister Sylwanin who taught her that all humans are not evil. She later attended at Grace Augustine's school for Na'vi along with her sister.

When Jake Sully came to Pandora, the school was closed down after Sylwanin and couple of other Na'vi were shot there by the RDA troops two years back. She saved Jake from viperwolves and took him to her hometree after she saw a sign from Eywa. Her mother chose her to be the Jake's teacher in Na'vi ways. They fell in love in the process and after Jake was made one of the Omaticaya, they mated. Neytiri lost her trust into Jake when he revealed that he was there to warn them of human's intentions to move them out of the hometree. But when Jake became the next Toruk Makto, and united the tribes to fight back, they made up. After they won their freedom Naytiri and Jake started their new life together.

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