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Jeopardy! Teen Tournament is a trivia game developed and published by GameTek for the Game Boy platform.

Jeopardy! Teen Tournament is based on the tournaments that are done on the TV show Jeopardy!


An example of an answer and question.

This version of the game is limited to only two players and can be played with one or both of those as human players. If only one player is human the other spot will be filled with a computer player.

The first player chooses a category and then the dollar amount of the answer. The dollar amounts represent both the reward for the correct answer and the difficulty. The answer is then revealed at which time players can buzz in for the chance to give the question.

The player that then buzzes in has a chance to type in the question to the answer. If the question is given correctly the dollar amount will be awarded and that player picks the next category and answer. If the question given is incorrect the dollar amount will be subtracted from that players total and the other player gets to choose the next category.

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