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Jetta was born in Russia, but changed her birth name to Jetta Maxx so it sounded more like that of a performer. She traveled the world with a famous international circus. During her many visits to France and Indonesia she learned gymnastics and martial arts. She specialized in two fighting styles called Savate and Pencak Silat.

In the Year 1899, the circus act was performing in China. During this time, the Boxer Rebellion was causing chaos in china. The Boxer rebellion was an attempt to rid foreigners from the country, but many innocent were dying. Jetta felt a need to take action and decided to infiltrate the organization Yihe Quang (“Righteous Harmony Fists”) to convince them to turn there ways and become pacifist. Before she had a chance to change history she was sabotaged as during a performance for the Emperor of China, the tension on her safety net were cut and she fell to her death.

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