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Joe & Mac is a platformer about two caveman ninjas who fight dinosaurs for the sake of impressing and, more importantly, rescuing the cave babes. Being that there are two titular characters, the game is both single and two player; in two player mode each player can inflict damage on one another. Joe, the green haired caveman, and Mac the blue haired one, can fight rival cavemen, deadly dinosaurs and crack open eggs all in the name of rescuing the damsels in distress. Their primary attack is a melee club attack, but can be upgraded by finding weapons upgrades that are often trapped inside of eggs throughout the levels.

Joe & Mac features an overworld map after each level, allowing the player to use alternate paths to complete the game.

The game was noted at the time for its challenging gameplay, unique setting and theme, cartoony graphics and light-hearted music.

The NES version featured five levels with some higher than average backgrounds and character sprites compared to other games for the system.

Critical Reception

The NES version of the game was awarded the following scores from Electronic Gaming Monthly: 6,6,6,5. From the review, "...Joe & Mac is a very good game given the limitations of the system. Although the game is short and a bit on the easy side, the younger audience will thoroughly enjoy this version".

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