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Detective Joseph Poltzer is the head Vice detective of the Metropolitan Police Department. He was assisting Chief Henry Jacobs in investigating David Tapp's apartment after Tapp killed himself. It is there that he, Jacobs, and others associated with David Tapp (such as his son Michael) are kidnapped and entrapped by the Jigsaw killer.

Joseph seemingly escaped whatever initial trap he was placed in and met up with Chief Jacobs after Michael rescued him from a second trap. Jacobs and Poltzer were both corrupt cops, involved with blackmail, murder, extortion, and drug trafficking. Conspiring with the chief, they attempt to kill all other members in Jigsaw's game, as it's their crimes that connect them. As their co-conspirators fell one-by-one to the traps and pitfalls set by Jigsaw, they started to kill the rest. Poltzer ends up killing Sarah Blalock by shooting her in the back. While attempting to shoot Michael, they both struggle for the gun... Michael wins, firing the last round into Poltzer's head.

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