Just Cause 2 is on sale today on Steam for $5.09 (I played 82hrs)

#1 Posted by Jack_Daniels (1417 posts) -
#2 Posted by Sooty (8082 posts) -

or because there was absolutely fuck all fun to do in GTA IV!

#3 Posted by Ragnarok512 (161 posts) -

Cool. I've been waiting for a sale on this.

#4 Posted by Jack_Daniels (1417 posts) -

@Sooty said:

or because there was absolutely fuck all fun to do in GTA IV!

Glad to know that it wasn't just me.

#5 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2699 posts) -

@Ragnarok512 said:

Cool. I've been waiting for a sale on this.

Well lucky for you they're having the 150th sale on this game today. If you missed the first 149 times, you're all set!

#6 Posted by MattyFTM (14433 posts) -

I toally went to buy this, only for Steam to tell me that I already own it. Must have bought it in a sale and forgotten about it. I do that a lot.

#7 Posted by BeachThunder (12441 posts) -

I was considering this, but then I realised that I have enough games to get through. Maybe I'll wait for another sale, who knows, perhaps it will be even cheaper then.

#8 Posted by Cincaid (2959 posts) -

I've s-ranked 61 games, and this one was by far the funniest one. An announcement of Just Cause 3 would make me crap my pants of joy.

So yes, get this game!

#9 Posted by konig_kei (670 posts) -

Thanks for the heads up bro. It's like 7 bucks in aus but I had a 33% off coupon and snagged it for 5.

#10 Posted by Capum15 (5002 posts) -

Nice, I've been waiting for this to go on sale again.

#11 Posted by mfpantst (2574 posts) -

Why should you buy this game?  Just 'cause!

#12 Posted by Klei (1768 posts) -

@mfpantst said:

Why should you buy this game? Just 'cause!

Don't start, please :(

#13 Posted by birogeri (6 posts) -

Actually, this is about the 10th game that I've played through via a torrented copy, and then I bought it on Steam, just because I've liked it so much. (Possibly run through it again for the achievements.)

#14 Posted by mfpantst (2574 posts) -
@Klei said:

@mfpantst said:

Why should you buy this game? Just 'cause!

Don't start, please :(

It had to be said once, and I shall stop now.  Why?  Just 'cause!
#15 Posted by Ragnarok512 (161 posts) -
@Rolyatkcinmai feeling snide today?
#16 Posted by TheKramer89 (423 posts) -

@Ragnarok512 said:

@Rolyatkcinmai feeling snide today?

yeah, that dude's a real cunt.

#17 Edited by Mikemcn (7023 posts) -

Game is fucking amazing, So beautiful, SO EXPLODEY! So cool to explore. And the world is gigantic!

Buy it! Buy it now! People complain about there being no story, because there is no story, but that's ok, because the missions themselves are actually quite fun.

#18 Posted by benspyda (2051 posts) -

I do have it. I need to install it again. I only played a couple hours but it kept crashing on my old video card. My new card should handle it easy though.

#19 Posted by Hawk456 (133 posts) -

ok - you talked me into it. How much cheaper can it get ... seriously... at $5, I'm in. Even though it'll likely be 2013 before I get around to playing it.

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