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Very useful for seasoned Just Cause 2 fans

I purchased this item on the Playstation Marketplace yesterday. Having played a great deal of Just Cause 2, I was really looking forward to seeing what this pack offers players. 
1. The dragonfly fighter jet is a very useful addition to the family of planes found in Just Cause 2. Great weaponry and solid balance of strength and speed.
2. The Multi Lock Rocket Launcher is a fantastic weapon, the locking system unfortunately could work a little better. 
3. Finally, the most important part of this downloadable content package is the duall rocket thruster modification to Rico's parachute. The thrusters make "slingshotting" a much better method of travel. One disadvantage to slingshotting using the parachute and the grappling hook was that Rico needed to be near a surface to grapple to continue his forward momentum, but that necessity is a thing of the past.  The dual thrusters give you around ten seconds of boost before having to cool down. A very useful item and the main reason to purchase this content package.
Overall, for the price of a soda and a candy bar, you can highly improve your travel and air combat experience with the black market aerial pack. I'm really enjoying it, and I hope others have similar experiences.
See you in Panau!


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