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Purchasing This Would Not Be A Just Cause 1

    Just Cause is a GTA-inspired action game that takes place in a fictional Caribbean island. You play as Sheldon, who is a Latino-American that works as a mercenary of some sort for the US government. During the campaign, you must make friends with the local guerrilla organizations and try and take down the corrupt government. The concept of the game is a free roaming, GTA type 3rd person shooter. You have this entire huge island that you can roam around on. The island itself looks beautiful f...

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All Flash, Little Substance 1

(Written October 2006)  Games often require one to accept things that may not be possible in reality. Picking up health packs to save you from death or having unlimited ammo for a weapon are common things that we see in games all the time and often ignore how ludicrous they really are. Just Cause from Avalanche Studios isn’t just asking you to bend the rules of reality. It wants you to break them and kick them while their down. Its action is over-the-top, silly, but usually entertaining. Unfortu...

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Just Cause 0

  Just Cause is yet another third person sand box game. This one takes place on a remote island somewhere in South America. The whole idea is a pretty neat one, you are Rico Rodriguez, you work for an government agency, and your job is taking dictators down by messing up the economics of their country. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The problem is that “destroying economy” is very simplified and ends up being destroying facilities and cargos in the main story missions, and wrecking havoc on the stre...

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Just Cause 1

Does running around blowing things up, riding helicopters, jumping from car to car and parachuting from jets in a 10000 km squared tropical island sound good to you? Well, then this is the game for you. It does lack a serious, long story and is flawed, but is still fun in many ways. Let me start with the story. The setting is great; a tropical island ruled by a political tyrant. But once you actually get into the story it isn't so fun with a boring script, an unlikable main character and pretty ...

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Just Cause 0

 It's a bit late to be playing this game, although I did it for a few reasons. Its sequel, which is coming out in a couple days, has a really fun demo out that got my appetite for some open world destruction up, and my free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla still hasn't arrived yet. Over a weekend the first Just Cause was less than eight bucks on Steam, so I decided to give it a shot. It turned out to be a functional if unremarkable open world game, not great but probably worth the price I...

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Just Cause review 0

I got Just Cause off my brother for my birthday.When I started to play it, I found it fun, but the entrance to the game  was boring.You're parachuting down from a plane for about 3 minutes, going to help some guy on a beach, and the bad guys just HAPPEN to show up as soon as you arrive.You're also pretty much invincible, and the bad guys are crap shots, so getting rid of them is easy, however, I wouldn't expect insane difficulty for the start of a game.Then you're being driven around, going to y...

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arbayer2 Reviews: Just Cause (PC) 0

I'll be frank. The original Just Cause was extremely advanced for the time, allowing for vertical gameplay, an absolutely MASSIVE world map, capture-the-territory regime change mechanics, car stunts and a politicized CIA story archetype which is pretty distinctive in its conceptualization by Avalanche Studios. I originally played this game for the Xbox 360 at a friend's house and was completely blown away by the freedom the game afforded, its solid controls and its then-gorgeous graphical detail...

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Just Cause: The Seven Hour Tech Demo Sold For £39.99 0

 Sandbox games. What isn't to like about them? Having an entire world to explore and city to interactive with hold as the template to GTA 3 and Spiderman 2 of previous sandbox fame. Now imagine this; an action B-movie inspired sandbox release, complete with all the stunts, explosions, weapons, vehicles and tools a guy could wish for - this is indeed Just Cause. Anyway, you're Rico Rodriguez, a guns for hire who has been set the task of assassinating the President of the fictional island ...

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A beautiful game to look at, an ugly game to play. 0

If there is one thing Just Cause tells you, it’s that the Republic of San Esperito is a nation completely full of idiots. Its ordinary citizens are idiots. Its armed forces are entirely composed of idiots. Its tyrannical President, Salvador Mendoza, is a huge idiot. And their underground guerilla forces, the Ejército Revolucionario de Liberación (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Army) are the biggest idiots of all. It’s a wonder why the CIA would even bother to f...

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