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In the Amnesia: The Dark Descent expansion Justine (part of the Portal 2 lead-up ARG, The Potato Sack), Justine Florbelle is a disembodied voice who taunts your character through phonographs set up around the dungeon that you find yourself in. While her motives are initially unknown, as you collect dairy entries and listen to more phonograph recordings who she is and what horrors she has conducted in the dungeon slowly become clear.

Apparently mentally unsound as a child, she was educated by her father (who seemed to be a scientist of some sort) in an unusual and experimental way, through the systematic characterization of thoughts and feelings into slides with certain characters imprinted on them. This upbringing, however, backfires, causing her to become emotionally detached from reality and leading to "disturbing actions."

Some time later she begins exploring the dungeon (which is the basement to her family's castles) and discovers the scientific work her father had been doing. She kills him down there and begins re-equipping it to suit her new, twisted needs. Soon after, she enters into a love rectangle with three suitors, Aloise, Basile, and Malos (more info can be found on the page for The Suitor). One by one, she brings them down to her dungeon, locks them in, and tortures, mutilates, and maims them until they've become inhuman monsters.

Here the game begins. As you play, you realize that you are Justine, and that you have drugged yourself for fun and philosophy and made yourself run through the horror dungeon that you have created. It's up to you (the player) to determine if she's truly amoral or not.

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