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Kameo was one of the first xbox 360 games to be released and i only recently bought it and i found it and i am still finding it very fun and enjoyable to play. I completed it earlier and it is still enjoyable to play there are around 7 different characters for kameo to transer into and all of which have their own special abilities. Ice, Fire, Rock, Water, Grass and more they are all unique in their own way and my favourite has to be ash the fire dragon and breaths fire, blow fire balls and looks very good to look at and also he runs soooooooo cutely he looks like a bouncy giant dog which breaths fire and is red. Also all the characters come with alternate skins and most of them just feel like they ran out of ideas and started to have a laugh at what they could turn the characters into, they turn ash the dragon into an eagle and they turn the rock character who looks like an armadillo into an egg with multicoloured spots all over it and really looks stupid. The game took me 8 hours to complete and was fun all the way through the graphics arent the best but they are very good for a year old game and at points can be impressive. I give this game a 4 out of 10 as it is very good and enjoyable and can be played by any age group.


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