fuzzysquash's Kameo: Elements of Power (Xbox 360) review

Good game with a creative concept, but not quite "Rare classic"

"Kameo" is a solid title geared towards a younger audience, but provides enough variety and challenge to satisfy gamers of any age. The game revolves around an elf princess named Kameo who sets out to free members of her family who have been kidnapped by the troll king Thorn. Along the way, Kameo acquires the ability to transform into a variety of unique creatures, all of whom have their unique abilities.

The game combines a good mix of platforming and combat, and provides an impressive amount of variety in both by using the creatures' different abilities. Towards the end of the game, players will be swapping creatures on the fly, sometimes in the heat of combat. "Kameo" shines best when it challenges players to make use of different creatures' abilities to overcome an obstacle or adversary.

However, Kameo is a linear game with tight and very restricted levels. Certain segments that require backtracking feel out-of-place and unnecessary. And while the story and art style are solid, no aspect of the game stands out as exceptional, save for the variety of playable creatures and their abilities. All in all, "Kameo" is a good game with a creative concept, but falls short of being a "Rare classic."

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