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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Have you ever bought a game, finished it and reviewed it in less than 24 hours? Well it’s a first for me. You’d think that someone would do that if the game was just brilliant and you couldn’t wait to tell the world about it. This is not the case . Actually, it’s the exact opposite of that! 
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a third person cover based shooter made by IO Interactive. The game brings back the two notorious bad-ass criminals Kane & Lynch into action but doesn’t tie the events to the story of the previous game (Not that it was good anyways). The game takes place in the night life of Shanghai. The old partners in crime meet up for one last gig and just like the old days, they screw it up and end up with some big beef with China’s low-life criminals. The game also includes an online multiplayer and a co-op mode. 
There is only one good aspect in this game. Kane & Lynch 2 has a very unique and original visual style never done before in video games. The games looks like it was shot with a cell phone camera with pixels popping everywhere and has the shaky camera style seen in movies like Cloverfield. It also borrows the lens flare effects seen in J. J. Abraham movies.  
But your fascination with the visual style will get over half an hour into the game. Kane & Lynch 2 is bad in every other way possible. The story is least engaging with no content or depth and the dialogue is outrageous. Whatever you did in the first 10 minutes you’ll keep on doing it for the next 5 hours of the short game, not that it’s any good. The cover based mechanics feels very janky and you keep getting hit in cover. None of the weapons seem to work properly and the accuracy on them is just terrible. 
In conclusion, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a mindless shooter with nothing to it but the unique visual style. Just like its predecessor, it fails at being a video game and succeeds at being terrible! To be fair, I didn’t try the multiplayer mode, so it’s not included in my review and im judging the game only on the single player mode.

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