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Kapp'n is a recurring character from the Animal Crossing Franchise who has appeared in all of the series main games. He is show to drive different forms of transportation in the series though he is mainly regarded as a sailor as he always wearing his blue sailing uniform. He is shown in the original Animal Crossing to live by himself on his island. In Wild World and City Folk he is living within civilisation again. He is something of a ladies man.

Animal Crossing

To meet Kapp'n in this game you must use your Gamecube Game Boy Advance Link cable when you find him on the shore he will sail you to his island. On the trip to the island he will sing a sea shanty about various things, but often times it will be about women or his life at sea. Kapp'n does not appear in the N64 version of the game released only in Japan.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

He is the first person that you see in the game and takes over the duties of Rover of assigning your name, gender, birthday, appearance and town name. He drives a black taxi and can sometimes be seen drinking coffee at the towns cafe, if you talk to him he will tell tales of women and his life at sea.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

In this game Kapp'n is the bus driver that drives you to your town at the start of the game and then will be your driver when you travel to the city. When you travel to the city he will again tell you tales during the trip, if you are are a female character he will try to flirt with you. He can once again be encountered drinking coffee in the cafe, if you talk to him he will tell you tales of his life.

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