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Karen Parker works as a researcher for Gentek. When Alex Mercer escapes the research facility with a weaponized form of the Blacklight virus, Blackwatch personel are deployed to detain Parker for questioning given her history with Mercer. After harsh interrogation, they still consider her a security threat but believe she may still be of some use.

Blackwatch designs a plan which exploits the Parker-Mercer romantic history and Mercer's amnesia. Though Parker is resistant, Dr. McMullen encourages her to cooperate. In exchange he'll give her any research assignment she desires; otherwise, she's at Blackwatch's mercy.

Karen sends Mercer on fetch quests.
She agrees to the plan. Mercer obtains planted information about Parker's existence and whereabouts. When Mercer arrives at her home, Parker instructs him to collect infection samples under the guise that the samples will help cure Manhattan's plague. The samples are actually used in creating a weaponized cancer specifically for infecting Mercer. By the time he realizes he's been betrayed, Parker has disappeared into Blackwatch protection.

Some time later, Alex Mercer consumes some Blackwatch scientists with knowledge of Parker's relocation. He hunts her down and confronts her in an elevator. The result of the meeting is left ambiguous, but her safety is questionable at best.

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