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Blackwatch troops gather for a mission briefing.
Blackwatch is created after World War II with the purpose of developing viral weapons that can target specific ethnicities. To attain such a goal, the military town of Hope, Idaho is built, and people of a wide variety of backgrounds are invited to live there. Scientific tests are performed on the population, who are told that the experiments are being used to determine the effects of nuclear fallout. For over five years, the population shows no signs of infection. The engineered viral strains have no effect on them.

This seemingly peaceful relationship between the military and the town lasts for five years until 1969 when a citizen becomes infected with a mutated strain. The disease ravages the population, killing some and turning the rest into feral monsters. The military kills everyone in Hope, Idaho to contain the outbreak, sparing only the life of patient zero, Elizabeth Greene, and her unborn child, which are detained as military assets. Research into the new virus is handed off to puppet corporation Gentek, and Blackwatch changes its mission statement to combating outbreaks of the virus wherever they may occur.

Super Soldiers

The Blackwatch Super Soldier
While Elizabeth Greene's body teams with the DX-1118 virus, codenamed Blacklight, her child carries the entirely new strain DX-1120, which is believed to activate many of the noncoding regions of the human genome. Access to these formerly noncoding regions enhances nearly all the carrier's attributes and additionally does not cause any inhuman changes to the carrier's physiology. Blackwatch now uses DX-1120 in combination with cybernetics and other advanced technology to produce super soldiers, whose first field mission is the apprehension of Alex Mercer.

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