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Keisuke Hiraga is a fellow student of the main character at Gekkoukan High School. He can be found by successfully joining one of three different, available clubs the player is given a choice to. Once again, picking any of the three clubs available will still be the same story and characters. The Fortune Arcana Social Link can be established with him.


The player can join the Art Club, Music Club, or the Photography Club. The main character can meet Keisuke Hiraga as the president of whatever club the player chooses. As the Social Link advances, you find out that he is the son of a doctor, and feels pressured when his father tells him to quit the club (whatever the player chooses) and should focus on studying for medicine and become a doctor. Keisuke, instead chooses to pursue his club career further on and hopes he can be successful one day. But during the time, he gets concerned with people's health whenever they collapse of get sick. Keisuke says he doesn't really want to become a doctor, but when people get sick, he cannot help but tend to their condition.

Max Social Link

Keisuke's Fortune Arcana Social Link.
Keisuke then realizes that he's been telling himself that he doesn't want to become a doctor. Only in reality, he does want to become a doctor, because he is always concerned with peoples' health and lifestyles. In the end, he tells Minato he quits the club and will now try to pursue his doctorate to become a doctor someday. In the Social Link epilogues, Keisuke fails his entry exam, but he says he won't let anything like failure stop him from studying even harder. He vows he will still become a great doctor someday, like his father. After the Fortune Arcana Social Link is successfully maxed out, the persona Norn, the sisters of fate, can be fused in the Velvet Room

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