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Kennen, unlike Shen, is a ranged DPS and is made to quickly deal a lot of damage and then stun his opponents many of his spells can hit multiple targets making him very good in large battles as with a few well placed skills he can have a whole team stunned. Like Shen, Kennen uses Energy to use his abilities this is both a good thing and a bad thing for Kennen. It's good because he does not have to worry about not being able to use his abilities after along fight because all he has to do is wait a few moments for his energy to regenerate. But it is also a bad thing as to be effective Kennen needs to use all of his abilities very fast to deal a good amount of damage and follow up with a stun, because of this it can be hard for newer players to play Kennen effectively. Finally like Teemo and Tristana, Kennen is part of the Yordle race.


- Kennen's passive (an ability he always has on and starts the game with) is called Mark of the Storm. Kennen applies Mark of the Storm by using his abilities, once an enemy champion has 3 marks on them they are stunned and Kennen receives 25 Energy.



Thundering Shuriken

- A manually aimed spell that deals damage and also applies a Mark of  the Storm to the target.

Electrical Surge

 - Has a passive effect and an activated one. The Passive effect is that every 5th attack from Kennen will apply a Mark of the Storm and also deals bonus damage. When activated this ability will send a bolt of lighting to every enemy near by that has a Mark of the Storm on them, dealing damage and also adding another Mark.

Lightning Rush

-  Once activated Kennen turns into what looks like a ball of lighting allowing him to pass through enemies (ignore unit collision). Any enemy that he passes though has a Mark applied to them. If Kennen passes though an enemy champion he is refunded 40 Energy.

Slicing Maelstrom

-  Kennen's level 6 ability (his "ult"). Kennen summons a storm that attacks random champions within a certain range, this deals magic damage and also applies a Mark of the Storm.

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