Do you read very many of the updates that Kickstarter projects sned to you after you've donated to them?

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Don't think I've ever read one. I usually do the research myself. It's a novel idea, but it's not for me.

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I appreciate that someone is coming up with the updates, and obviously zero updates is VERY concerning, but all I basically care about is that they indicate work is being done on the project. I just don't have the hours to spend each day looking through all of the updates that I get spammed with.

The exception is the Double Fine Adventure Game, since they have that sweet ongoing documentary, with little side story videos thrown in. Also I guess I watched the brief gameplay videos FTL posted. But other than that, I find I don't care that much and just want to know when the final product is completed. Getting multiple huge text updates per week just seems like a waste of some guy's time. I'd be more inclined to ever look at those updates if they were like a 3-5 minute video journal thing once every 2 weeks or something.

EDIT: Though looking at my Kickstarter update emails more closely, I guess my complaint is the fucking ridiculous blitz of updates you tend to get during the month that their Kickstarter is still accepting money. I guess they're really trying to build confidence in the idea so you tell your friends, but it just feels like they're pestering me and I want them to go away, which has exactly the opposite result they want.

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Nope, I've backed three projects so far and stopped reading after the 1st or 2nd update.

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well i've only done 1 kickstarter (Double Fine Adventure) and those include a video documentary of the game's creation and progress. they are entertaining to watch and see the inner workings (game making, setbacks, ect.)

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Project Eternity has been having an update every one or two weeks, and they're very interesting, so fuck yeah I read that shit.

I also read the DFA ones, because god dammit I PAID for those documentary videos.

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