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Rise Up, Icarus 2

I keep trying to put my feelings about Kid Icarus: Uprising into words, but words fail me.I did not expect this game – not the non-stop action or sharp, clever writing or joyful excess that redefines ‘feature complete’ in an age of increasingly spare experiences sold at a premium and completed with DLC.I did not expect to fall head-over-heals for the multiplayer, especially since it centers on the much-maligned on-foot mechanics – nor did I expect to grow, not only tolerant of the controls, but ...

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Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising 0

There has been so much talk of Pit’s eventual return to video games in the past few years that it’s hard to appreciate how odd it is that it finally came in the form of a mostly on-rails portable shooter. Judging by the differences in genre between Kid Icarus: Uprising and the original NES release, part of the difficulty in bringing the franchise back may have been due to the difficulty in moving what that 1987 version did, and finding how that would fit into Nintendo’s modern franchises as a wh...

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Amazing 0

Have you ever played a game and thought it was perfect?This game doesn't need a review. It has more than you can imagine plus Paw Orbitars and Giant Fists and an Eggplant Wizard.But if you want to read more (because the minimum character limit for a review is 270) I will write more here if you haven't already made up your mind. BUY IT! PLAY IT!...

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Letting its Wings Shine 0

Kid Icarus: Uprising had quite the reveal at Nintendo's E3 press conference 2 years ago, riding on a fan high despite the series not actually producing a new game since the Game Boy sequel 20 years ago. Pit's absence from Nintendo's catalogue for so long has given Masahiro Sakurai and his team at Sora cart blanche to create a new game in a completely different genre - and although sometimes Uprising's unwieldy controls hamper the package, its blend of shooter and action genres is nothing short o...

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The Dark Pit Rises 0

I played this game not really knowing anything about the Kid Icarus franchise other than for years it was one of the most requested sequels from Nintendo fans. There were even talks of a potential "Man Icarus" game that took the franchise into darker, mature, territory. Thankfully that did not happen - insteand we have "Kid Icarus: Uprising", a funny, exciting, and weird game that is the most original game to come from Nintendo since Pikmin.The game's story is being marketed as a battle to save ...

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Kid Icarus 0

I was not very confident in this game going in. I had fond memories of failing at the original, so I picked it up day one. Needless to say I love the game.Good:1. Flying is incredibly fun2. Charm- Voice acting is pretty great, and the script is strange and uniquely funny.3. Ground levels present their own challenge and are often in very fun environments.4. There are only 3 controls. Move, aim, and shoot. It works very well.5. High replay value6. Interesting difficulty meter allows you to bet on ...

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