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Kid Niki: Radical Ninja is a side scrolling platform action game developed by Irem and published by both Irem and Data East. Kid Niki: Radical Ninja was originally released in the arcade in 1986. A year later Irem made a home port of Kid Niki: Radical Ninja on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and later released it on the Commodore 64 and Apple II.


Kid Niki: Radical Ninja begins with Kid Niki training in Ninja School. While Kid Niki is training, a bird gets shot down by an arrow containing a message from the Evil Stone Wizard, saying that he has kidnapped Princess Margo (Kid Niki's girlfriend). Without hesitation, Kid Niki jumps through the school’s thin wall and goes to the rescue.


Kid Niki alternative white Ninja Suit.

Armed with a spinning sword, Kid Niki travels to 7 different locations (8 levels in total) each one ending with a boss. Kid Niki finds power-ups throughout the journey, such as: A golden bell which gives him the ability to throw ninja star projectiles from his sword; a silver bell that gives him a rotating force field eliminating anything it touches; and a White Ninja suit that gives Kid Niki the power to absorb an additional hit. Both the gold and silver bells power-ups last for a limited amount of time.

There are numerous secrets that are scattered around each level. These secret bonus areas either contain a mini game or are just empty rooms full of invisible hidden scrolls.


Kid Niki: Radical Ninja has 7 different bosses each with their own unique ability:

BossBoss Descriptions
Death Breath blow attack
Death Breath - He’s the first stage boss, he has a massively big head and uses it to his advantage. He has a wicked breath blow attack that can knock down Kid Niki. Death Breath is only vulnerable when he’s jumping or when he’s facing away from Kid Niki.
Spike- He is the second stage boss. Spike is equipped with a spike ball and chain. He has an alternative projectile attack that acts like a boomerang. Spike is only vulnerable when he slams the spike ball and when he’s waiting for his projectile to return.
Horned Witch
Horned Witch - Horned Witch is the third stage boss. She has the ability to throw arrows and when hit releases smaller versions of herself.
Green Grub- Green Grub is the fourth stage boss. Green Grub doesn’t have any special abilities. He is vulnerable when he loses his body/shell. After taking out the body Kid Niki can deal damage to his head.
Mad Monk
Mad Monk - Mad Monk is the fifth boss and one of the oddest. He throws random F letter projectiles from his mouth. His other attack is FOOL; he will point and yell FOOL at Kid Niki. After he does that, the FOOL cloud will move and drop little random F letter projectiles.
Samurai Guard
Samurai Guard - The Samurai Guard is the sixth boss in the game. He is equipped with a long spear, and is vulnerable only when he drops this weapon.
Stone Wizard
Stone Wizard - The evil Stone Wizard is the final boss of the game. He appears in both stages 7 and 8. Has the special ability to spit fire and he’s able to transform himself into a bird.

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